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Church History


             During one morning worship service: God, spoke to then Asst. Rev. Allen Dotson and said

        Miracle Center, Rev. Dotson did not act upon it immediately; but during the course of a year and

        a half; God, would not let the fire burn out, God spoke to Rev. Dotson and said it is now time to

        do what I have asked thee to do, (to move quickly) in turn Rev. Dotson talked to his pastor Rev.

        S. Cooper in November 2004, concerning what God had spoken to him, he began looking for a

        location while still worshipping at New Beginning C.O.G.I.C, One Location was selected, but

       Days before closing on that location, God lead Rev. Dotson to a location somewhat larger, with

       Rev. Dotson not knowing what God: had fully in mind, On January 23, 2005, on a very cold day, but

       There were hungry souls, waiting to be feed, so we walked into a new land at 11; 15 a.m. and began 

       To thank God, with the Highest Praises, Rev. Dotson's first sermon was titled, God Answers Prayer,

       Taken from Judges 6: 36 - 40, and St. Luke 18: 1 six months after getting into that store front,

       God; touched the heart of Superintendent Sam Long sr., to sell Rev. Dotson and his congregation

        A dome church seating 125 to 140 people God blessed and made it happen, since then Gods favor

        And Blessing are yet on us and with us, because Rev. Dotson will not compromise the gospel of

        Jesus Christ, his Righteousness, and his Holiness, WE STILL HAVE WORK TO DO For God its

        Never about the numbers, but all about the soul of a person (ETERNITY) God has also given us a

        Broadcast to the ministry that's broadcasting Gods word every Sunday in 56 cities in the state

         Of Texas, to view our ministries and church outreach department go to our home page and click

         On ministries. Glory be to our God.

         We ARE A NON- Denominational Pentecostal Church looking to please God! And maybe, if its

         God's will to connect with others of like faith.


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