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     Greetings! And  thanks for viewing our media page, we count it a Blessing from our God that we're able to bring you Clips of Singing & The Preaching of

the gospel which is Most important, our media page is up dated weekly so visit our site as often as God would lead you, once you're finished Visit  OUR

STORE, which God has created just for you, from time to time we're able to Give away free product which can & will help you in your Walk With Jesus Christ

Our Lord  & Saviour, also if  God touch your heart to help us feed, cloth, &  preach  the gospel of Jesus Christ here & around the World you can do so by

visiting our Donate page or click on (Give )  also gifts are tax deductible we are a 501 c 3 ministry which means all donations are tax deductible no matter

the size of your gift; you wish to donate, we're thankful & greatful  for you. Be blessed.


                                                                            Video #1                                                                                            Video #2



                                     "God Is Working On It" Pt.1                                                                    "God Is Working On It" Pt.2


                 Call and order the entire sermon(s). We can ship them to you free of charge or you can download them Immediately

             after you purchase a sermon. visit our store or call (903-593-2565 or 903 521-7317). 

           Check our home page for office hours. Thanks!












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