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Sister G. Cuba is a charter member of our ministry. She's been a faithful one as well. She serves God through our ministry in several capacities. Her first role was acting choir president for 2 ½ years, and for the last 8 years, she's served the ministry as church secretary. Overseeing all office duties. Making sure the ministry is adequately supplied with all it needs to correspond with members of the ministry, and our community. In her professional career, she worked for the last 15 years for a health conglomerate facility in the city of Tyler (U.T Heath Center), (http://www.uthealth.org). She's been promoted numerous times within the company. She also hold an Associate degree from one of our local junior college (Tyler Junior College), (http://www.tjc.edu). which is a prestigious junior college. She's also earned a Bachelor's of Business Administration from Jarvis Christian College (http://www.jarvis.edu). She also have a CTPM in purchasing. Praise God!!! God is using her gifts for his (God) glory.

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